Round up of the latest articles

There are plenty of articles to update you on.

Paul Gorman raised a few eyebrows by suggesting that agent provocateur Paul Lewis was good for advisers in the long run, as he asks questions that move us all forward.

We’ve had more on shortening suitability reports, a debate that rumbles on.

Martin Bamford told us that clients need to dream big. Setting modest and meagre goals is not the job of a financial planner.

Phil Young raised two big questions. Firstly, he asked if was possible to reduce the FSCS burden on advisers and at the same time protect consumers adequately by bringing in minimum standard run off cover for exiting advice firms. Is this an answer to the problem?

Secondly, he suggested that the sums spent on free services such as MAS and Pension Wise seem extravagant at a time when Citizens Advice are closing down branches and becoming less accessible to vulnerable people. He asks if pushing people towards the internet is really the solution.

We also have an article from social media expert Bridget Greenwood for those of you wondering if Linked In is really worth the effort or not.

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