Thinky Afro 2015 – The Longlist

We made one big mistake when we announced our Thinky Afro competition 12 months ago. We hadn’t anticipated the site getting quite so popular and quite so many articles hitting 1000 views. This poor sod has spent an evening putting together the long list of qualifying articles which hit 1000 views and he has a headache. Chris Daems can gladly never write a lengthy titled article again for all I care.

We have judges ready to judge and wig ready for wearing, not to mention that filthy cash. So, next step is to get this list down to a shortlist. Stay tuned and feel free to influence the decision in any way you see fit. Don’t forget, those shortlist get prizes as well. Chris Budd might win his own book. The Banker might get his published in time.

The long list – in date order, most recent first

Chris Daems: Chuckling, culture and a question of gender

Dan Collins: What’s on your (IFA) mind

Chris Budd: Advice for the young at heart

Graham Bentley: Telegraphed

Chris Daems: The wisdom tooth, simplicity and the impact of regulatory disconnect

Iain Wishart: Canary Wharf sunset

Brett Davidson: Is the FCA at your door about asset based pricing?

Martin Bamford: The balance of life is, in the ripe and ruined 

Chris Daems: The Nando’s black card, cockney academics and the mystery of infectious ideas

Brett Davidson: Blowing up bad advice

Chris Budd: The changing tide of adviser roles

Martin Bamford: Yes! We’re all individuals!

Chris Budd: Make an exhibition of yourselves

Chris Budd: What role do pensions now have in financial planning?

Chris Daems: Marital arguments, scrappy business and why MAS and advisers should get along

Shane Balkham: Passive v Active: A Chief Investment Officer’s view

Chris Budd: Don’t give the people what they want, give them what they need

Chris Daems: Chaos, cabinets and the confessions of a paper-phobic

John Pittham: What Michelin Stars have to do with your marketing

Jamie Jenkins: AC/DC to power the new retirement

John Pittham: Secure your Google My Business listing

Rob Cain: Managing Social Media

Chris Budd: How to choose clients

Abraham Okusanya: The great big legacy sh**storm

Clive Waller: Insource or outsource? Who’d be an adviser?

Jamie Jenkins: Mention of apprehension and contention over prevention in the pension reinvention

Chris Budd: When the levy breaks

Chris Daems: Instant gratification, steak knives and why I’d rather be a sage than a wolf

Jamie Jenkins: The things people say

Chris Daems: The educated guess, Kryptonite and the democratisation of financial planning

Brett Davidson: The consultant strikes back!

Paul Resnik: Remain diligent about who controls retirement guidance

Chris Budd: The rise of the consultant

Chris Daems: Turkeys, admission and the curiosity of a mistaken fool

Damian Smyth: The oldest profession in the world

Brett Davidson: Understanding your finances – overhead percentage

Brett Davidson: Understanding your finances – profit margins

Chris Daems: Mark Twain, limbo and why stories trump suspicious statistics

Martin Bamford: Replacing stuff with experiences

Chris Budd: Is it time to grow up? You decide.

Tim Ng: European Commission predicts that the UK will need an additional 500, 000 IT professionals by 2015

Patrick Seal: How we communicate as a profession and with clients

Tim Ng: How does the heart bleed bug affect you?

Lee Robertson: Pensions and the military covenant

Brett Davidson: Are you working your web presence?

Damian Smyth: Flat fees, party time

Clive Waller: TPAS, annuities and the variable quality of advice

Jamie Jenkins: ‘Remember automatic enrolment?’

Chris Daems: Party lines, identikit content and the incredible story of Stampy Longnose

Jamie Jenkins: Budget 2014: Now that’s what I call pensions liberation

Chris Budd: Getting my hands on the money

Alistair Cunningham: The (almost) scalable Financial Planning firm: what to do when you have too many clients

Chris Daems: Kit bags, big sticks and being in the shadow of regulation

Nick Lincoln: It’s all arse about face

Bridget Greenwood: Do marketers really help with social media?

Abraham Okusanya: Who do you think you are, Warren Buffett?

Paul Armson: Somebody’s gonna hurt someone

Jamie Jenkins: The nudge game

Martin Bamford: Advisers, commercial and press integrity

Chris Daems: Quicksand, simplicity and why I’m stuck in the middle of four Steves

Paul Armson: The difference between financial planning and financial advice (Part 2)

Martin Bamford: The future for IFA business is local

Alistair Cunningham: Be extraordinary

Chris Budd: What the Which? Survey says about the image of IFAs

Jamie Jenkins: All quiet on the pensions front

Brett Davidson: How much should I charge?

Chris Budd: Marketing and the fight for our children

Martin Bamford: More important than saving, charges or advice

Peter Adcock: Moving on from RDR

Chris Daems: Conferences, commercial realities and making use of our most valuable commodity

Chris Budd: The time has finally come to do nothing

Jamie Jenkins: That’s spelt discorrectly

  1. Chris Daems 3 years ago

    Some interesting articles and some tough competition! Good luck to all involved!

  2. Kath Oxenham 3 years ago

    You’re kidding me…

    I vote for Bridget as the only representative of the fairer sex in this list.

  3. Martin Bamford 3 years ago

    Some fantastic and very worthy articles listed here. Congratulations to all of the authors and a big well done to The Adviser Lounge for becoming such a popular and valuable resource over the past twelve months.

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