Thinky Afro 2014

Back in January, we launched our “Thinky Afro 2014” competition.

We are now half way through the year and have put together a list of the lucky people currently in the running, based upon our cobbled together rules:

Here’s the esteemed list, in month order of being published:


Chris Budd ~ The time has finally come to decide

Chris Daems ~ Conferences, commercial realities and making use of our most valuable commodity

Peter Adcock ~ Moving on from RDR

Chris Budd ~ Marketing and the fight for our children


Paul Armson ~ The difference between financial planning and financial advice

Chris Daems ~ Quick sand, simplicity and why I’m stuck in middle of four Steve’s

Martin Bamford ~ Advisers, commercial interest and press integrity

Paul Armson ~ Somebody’s gonna hurt someone

Abraham Okusanya ~ Who do you think you are, Warren Buffett ?

Bridget Greenwood ~ Do marketers really help with social media ?


Chris Daems ~ Party lines, Identikit Content and the incredible story of Stampy Longnose


Lee Robertson ~ Pensions and the Military Convenant


Martin Bamford ~ Replacing stuff with expseriences

Chris Daems ~ Turkeys, admission and the curiosity of a mistaken fool

Chris Budd ~ The rise of the consultant

Paul Resnik ~ Remain diligent about who controls retirement guidance

If you don’t find yourself on the list and fancy writing something, email and we’ll get you started.





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