My time’s precious. How much ought to be spent on social media

It depends on what the adviser is using social media for.  If you’re just listening and doing research do you have to be on their everyday to get the info you’re looking for?

How important is it that you want to be part of the conversations that are taking part?  How important to you is it to be seen as a thought leader in your field? How important to you is to share and make public your thoughts, insights and opinions?  Does this mean that you need to be part of the conversations as they’re happening?

Showing up regularly is key– and those who show up daily get the best ROI from their social media efforts.  With the advisers I communicate with:

 40% of IFAs who use social media on a daily basis have attracted new clients through this medium

When you consider that less than 20% of advisers have a social media plan, I’d say that’s a healthy number.

I mean, how many individuals have you come across that got what they wanted with their finances without having any plan?

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