Examples of how advisers can re-employ social media content?

Let’s use the Autumn Statement as an example.

Some of the more social media savvy advisers took the initiative and are writing a full report around the Autumn Statement.  This report is then available for download for anyone – in exchange for a name and email address.

Key points from the report can be tweeted out or shared across status updates.  On twitter the #AS2012 has been trending all week.  The hashtag is a useful function as it means that anyone can follow what’s being said on a topic, regardless of whether you’re connected or not.

It’s a great way for your business to raise it’s awareness and speak with authority on a subject that is relevant and topical to so many.

A briefer version of the report can be used as a blog post or series of blog posts.

With smartphones today giving us the ability to record in HD, why not create a simple video talking to camera about your thoughts of the Autumn Statement  – and if you’re too camera shy – just record the audio.

Whether it’s the blog posts, the video, the download or the audio – a link will be created for each piece of content that you can then share out across your networks, in relevant LinkedIn Groups and with the press, either nationally or locally.

If you’ve built up a good community across your social networks then you’ll also have the benefit of your content being reshared across their social profiles.  And all of this from using the content of one report on the Autumn Statement.

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