Passive v Active: A Chief Investment Officers View: Part Three

Sep 19, 2014 No Comments by
Avatar of Shane Balkham

If you’ve not read my previous articles you will find them here: Part One  Part Two In this final article, I take a look at the US in more detail and the summarise: As we have done with the UK, we are now going to conduct the same research for the US.  Our core US […]

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The new retirement may be just a FAD

Sep 18, 2014 4 Comments by
Avatar of Jamie Jenkins

While other industries laboriously talk about their latest big phones and clever watches, the pensions industry, by contrast, is positively vibrant with news of uncrystallised fund pension lump sums and flexi-access drawdown. It’s what keeps us feeling sexy and new compared to other, boring professions. Hm. In my last blog, I raised a question about […]

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Passive v Active: A Chief Investment Officers view: Part Two:

Sep 17, 2014 1 Comment by
Avatar of Shane Balkham

In part one I suggested that passive lends itself to short term investing and active long term. If you wish to read Part One you will find it here: Looking at the UK in more detail We are going to look at a core fund holding within Equip against the relevant benchmark index.  We are […]

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Politics, Ice Cream and the mystery of inappropriate regulation

Sep 16, 2014 11 Comments
Avatar of Chris Daems

Politically I’m a mixed bag. I’m massively for aspiration and wealth generation. I believe in the power of enterprise. I understand the benefits of free and open markets. I also don’t  like the idea of  big government and wastage. However I’m also believe in providing support to those who need it, the importance of the […]

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Talking about Writing – Phil Young on the MPAF Podcast

Sep 16, 2014 No Comments

As promised here’s Phil’s podcast interview. A fascinating session, with Phil sharing his tips on how to write great content, as well as talking about how Adviser Lounge came about. Whilst writing this introduction I realise that it might seems strange to put out out an “audio” about writing. For me it tends to be […]

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Passive v Active: A Chief Investment Officers view: Part 1

Sep 15, 2014 3 Comments
Avatar of Shane Balkham

There are many articles debating the qualities and virtues of passive investing, while at the same time eschewing the benefits of active investing.  Equally, there are a similar number of commentaries voicing the values of using an active approach, while focusing on the detriments of passive investing. Within our own investment process we look at […]

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The naked pensioner

Sep 14, 2014 6 Comments
Avatar of George

Individuals still want what their parents and grandparents had ….the reality is that very few can and even less will achieve that….. There is a strong argument that politicians are out of touch with the people they are trying to represent. Most politicians have money, and few have experienced the realities of day to day […]

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Professional Connections: Panacea or Problem

Sep 11, 2014 No Comments
Avatar of Brett Davidson

Using Your Professional Connections As A Distribution Strategy This week I focus the spotlight on finding enough of the right type of clients. You can be the best adviser on the planet, but just being good at what you do is no longer enough. You may still struggle to earn a respectable income, let alone earn what you are […]

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An exclusive look at the trailer for Boom!

Sep 10, 2014 1 Comment
Avatar of Martin Bamford

Around this time last year, I had an idea. After writing a number of books, I wanted to make a feature-length documentary about the demographic phenomenon of the post-war Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement age. This is something that is going to have a massive impact on all financial advisers. Over the next 20 years […]

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