Can you eat three creme eggs in a minute?

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This is the question most people are asking this Easter. The good people of threesixty were kind enough to supply three people to take on the challenge, including director, Russell Facer. Have a think about it and feel free to bet on the results. Can you eat three creme eggs in a minute? from Adviser […]

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Buses, Baltimore, and the importance of ‘owning the game’.

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Whilst I find a lot which appears on my tellybox nowadays unwatchable there’s a bunch of shows which I’d consider ‘classics’. Shows which compel you to watch, engage you emotionally and if owned on box set mean that you lose another four hours just saying ‘oh go on them, let’s watch one more episode’…. For […]

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Remembering corporate entertainment – transport costs not allowed

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The FCA have made it quite clear that payment for transport to and from events shouldn’t typically be paid for by a product manufacturer under the inducement rules. This could lead to difficulties on the journey home for some.

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Remembering corporate entertainment – a day at the races

Apr 15, 2014 No Comments
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With the FCA’s hardline approach on inducements hitting the corporate entertainment industry, we take a nostalgic look back on the kind of treats you’ll be missing. This one reminds of that corporate classic – a day at the races. Make sure you watch it right to the end.

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Fajitas, fire eaters and fire heaters (and pensions)

Apr 15, 2014 No Comments
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We recently had the great pleasure of a holiday in Egypt, and it was with a heavy heart (and even heavier eyelids) that I wrote much of this during our stop-over in Istanbul airport. For all that it has its troubles, Egypt is a wonderful place. Everyone who we met was courteous and attentive (some […]

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Providers need to provide guidance

Apr 14, 2014 8 Comments
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So the most controversial budget announcement by far has turned out to be free impartial advice. Which of course actually means guidance!! Most independent commentators say providers cant be involved in this. At the point of purchase that seems sensible, as we are worried about product bias and mis selling scandals and poor choice. I […]

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How does the Heartbleed bug affect you?

Apr 14, 2014 No Comments
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Most people have probably heard about the heartbleed bug and the disastrous effect it can have on the use and stability of the internet. Some have gone as far as to insinuate that it is the end of the internet as we know it. But I wouldn’t go that far. True it is a serious […]

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World’s Best Customer Service

Apr 13, 2014 1 Comment
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As the internet and social media seems filled with complaints about poor customer service, I thought I’d buck the trend and let you know about something good. Possibly he world’s best. I’d booked some decent tickets for a world championship fight in Manchester, supporting Bury boxer and WBA Bantamweight title holder, Scott Quigg. The undercard […]

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Pensions and the Military Covenant

Apr 10, 2014 6 Comments
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This is a personal blog post and I should declare that I am an ex-serviceman although have not been impacted in any way by what I am about to discuss. I understand that not everyone is close to the military or feels quite the same way I do. However, I hope you will bear with […]

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