Talent Management

Aug 28, 2014 No Comments by
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Managing Your Top Talent Attracting and retaining outstanding staff is one of the biggest challenges to building a great business. Talent management is another one of these really obvious statements I know, but unfortunately, it is rarely executed well in small businesses. Some firms are able to do the attracting part pretty well, but when it comes to the retaining part, […]

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How to win at Fantasy Football (and succeed as a leader?)

Aug 26, 2014 No Comments by
Avatar of Rob Cain

I like Fantasy football. I love it. Why? I’m brilliant at it. I’m the reigning champion at threesixty and I take pride in rubbing this fact in the face of my colleagues. Especially Phil Young. But why should Mr Young sit up to attention and realise my achievements when the FA so clearly failed to […]

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Chaos, Cabinets and the confessions of a paper phobic

Aug 24, 2014 3 Comments by
Avatar of Chris Daems

Now I’m back in the office I’ve replaced my holiday reading, which included a book about a teenage detective with Aspergers syndrome, the story of the hunt for the Commandant of Auschwitz and the latest Mark Bililngham, with a book to help me with just getting a tiny bit more efficient. The book that’s hopefully […]

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This week

Aug 22, 2014 No Comments
Avatar of The Editor

In the much the same way that the Velvet Underground sparked a thousands bands, some articles spark off debates. Jamie Jenkins article on Adviser Charging related to the retirement advice gap, but the comments include a lengthy discussion around what it would take, and whether it’s possible, to deliver advice for £400. Worth a read. Advisers often complain about […]

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Ideas For Building Your Team

Aug 20, 2014 No Comments
Avatar of Brett Davidson

Team Development Getting your business to work effectively and breaking through to the next level of performance can be tough. In my experience, being able to tap into the potential of your team is a major contributor to a company’s success. Most firms are full of well-meaning people trying to do their best. Part of […]

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What Michelin Stars have to do with your marketing

Aug 18, 2014 No Comments
Avatar of Jon Pittham

Imagine you’re at a party. There are perhaps thirty people sitting down to eat dinner and you want to speak to everyone there. But the person next to you just won’t stop talking. Worse still: they’re only talking about themselves. You keep catching bits of other people’s interesting conversations but then your neighbour is back […]

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Advising people with mental health issues

Aug 17, 2014 4 Comments
Avatar of Phil Young

I’ve had a few chats with different advisers this year on the subject of dealing with clients with mental health issues. Not technicalities around dealing with powers of attorney, but clients suffering from mild or major depression, mania, and those who have indicated an intention to take their own lives. Having written about the dangers […]

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AC/DC to power the new retirement?

Aug 14, 2014 14 Comments
Avatar of Jamie Jenkins

Despite some pretty good tunes over the years, I’m not suggesting that the band, AC/DC, are the key to solving the retirement advice gap. However, AC/DC, referring to Adviser Charging and Defined Contribution respectively, might just be a major component in the solution. I talked about the retirement advice gap previously. In summary, I think […]

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Secure your Google My Business listing

Aug 14, 2014 5 Comments
Avatar of Jon Pittham

There are at least three fairly simple and major advantages to claiming your Google My Business listing: Google My Business is the new name for Google Places, so claiming your listing means you control your presence on Google Maps and other related services. If you are a firm with an interest in acquiring local clients, […]

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