This week: Women and RDR post match analysis

Dec 19, 2014 No Comments by
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A question rather than a statement from Chris Daems, today. Is there a bias against women in financial services? If not, why are so few in prominent positions? It’s prompted some interesting comments already, suggesting there are specific reasons why women leave the industry, rather than simply not joining it. Martin Bamford chipped in with a tilt […]

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Chuckling, culture and a question of gender.

Dec 18, 2014 8 Comments by
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I know perhaps I should be worried about this but I’ve often found that some of the most insightful and thought provoking conversations I’ve ever had have started over a alcoholic beverage or three. I’m not talking about the ones which you think are insightful at the time and then looking back without the beer […]

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Death To The Fact Find Part 2

Dec 17, 2014 5 Comments by
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In February 2013 I wrote a blog on an interesting new web site called Adviser Lounge entitled ‘Death To The Fact Find’. A recent experience prompts me to update this piece. I attended a compliance course last week on the subject of risk. One way to reduce the risk in a business (we were told) is […]

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Press headlines & positivity

Dec 16, 2014 2 Comments
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So it turns out that habitual fare dodging, and then allegedly failing to disclose the offence from your employer, does not make you a fit and proper person in the eyes of our regulator. As a result of ‘saving’ nearly £43,000 in rail fares over several years through the exploitation of a loophole with his […]

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Would you invest your money in exactly the same way you invest your clients’?

Dec 15, 2014 5 Comments
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Getting your investment process right. Having a fully functioning investment process is vital to the success of any Financial Planning firm, yet in my consulting work I’m still coming across firms that don’t have one in place. By fully functioning, I mean: There’s a clear investment philosophy that you believe in. That is, a philosophy […]

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Pinocchio’s Suitability Report

Dec 14, 2014 7 Comments
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I found myself agreeing with Dudley Doright Chris Deams for once, recently. Partly, at least. Suitability reports are often too long, and hard to read (even for someone within the industry) and it’s something we’ve increasingly been picking firms up for during compliance audits. That said, I don’t think we’ve done much proactively to help […]

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Seminars and motivational books will never win you clients – just be more human

Dec 11, 2014 5 Comments
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There was a Scott Adams Dogbert cartoon doing the rounds on Twitter the other day. Dogbert is talking to his financial adviser, who is telling him: “We can handle your investments so you can retire and live off the earnings. Just sign this paper and hand over all your money to total strangers and relax!” […]

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“Skills Pay The Bills”: Mastering The Art of First Meetings with New Clients

Dec 10, 2014 4 Comments
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First impressions count so the old saying goes, and the first meeting with a new client is probably the most important interaction in the whole advice process. Get it right and you set up the rest of the initial client engagement; get it wrong and everything can go downhill very quickly. Have you ever had […]

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George Osborne is a magician

Dec 09, 2014 1 Comment
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Think about the greats – Houdini, David Copperfield an er.. Paul Daniels – and they all share the same attributes as the Chancellor. Firstly, misdirection. This is the rabbit out of the hat he has pulled in his last two economic statements that has buried all negative news. In the autumn statement last week the […]

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